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Epidemiological complexity persists in Holguín due to the incidence of COVID-19

Despite the restrictive and containment measures applied in different economic and social sectors, a complex epidemiological situation persists in the province of Holguín due to the incidence of COVID-19, with daily reports of more than 500 positive cases to coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 in recent weeks.

This eastern territory has six hospitals enabled for patients and more than 50 low, medium and high risk centers, including the headquarters of the Celia Sánchez Manduley University and the Calixto García Polytechnic Institute, where there are also services of intensive therapy, which contributes to improving the quality of medical care.

In recent days, there has also been an increase in cases in the municipalities of Banes and Urbano Noris, with incidence rates above the provincial average, where the epidemiological survey and the creation of new income capacities are perfected, according to the Provincial Center of Hygiene, Epidemiology and Microbiology.

The territory also maintains more than 700 active sources of high complexity distributed in the 14 municipalities and an active transmission event in Mayarí; underlines the institution, attached to the Ministry of Public Health.

The greatest complexity continues in the municipalities of Urbano Noris, Baguanos, Antilla, Cueto, Banes and the provincial capital, with the highest numbers of confirmed and active cases and incidence rates of more than 900 patients per hundred thousand inhabitants.

Among the strategies conceived to continue advancing in the control of the disease stand out the expansion of health promotion actions in community risk areas, the reinforcement of care for vulnerable sectors and the application of the decrees established to repeat offenders in non-compliance with established biosafety standards.

In the midst of this epidemiological situation, Holguín advances in the massive anti-COVID-19 vaccination, with the administration of more than one million doses of the Cuban immunogen Abdala, in age groups above 19 years old and students of terminal degrees of the pre-university, technical-professional education and pedagogical training.

This process has had a positive impact on at-risk populations, being the result of a study carried out in older adults in the main municipality, which indicates that of the 72,628 elderly who received the three doses of Abdala, only 2932 became ill with COVID-19, which implies a positive effect in the epidemiological control.

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Leuris Pupo returns to training

Leuris Pupo Requejo, the new Tokyo 2020 Olympic runner-up, made news again when he resumed training in the Cuban capital. The 25-meter rapid pistol specialist is preparing from Monday with the aim of participating in the President's Pistol and Rifle Cup in Krakow, Poland, from November 3rd to 10th.

The Holguín player, the London 2012 Olympic record-holder, is at his usual headquarters at the Enrique Borbonet center with his coach Meinardo Torres;he informs that Leuris will work first in the adaptation with the weapon after a well-deserved vacation and then the physical preparation so that the body adapts to the training.

So he will continue all week and then start with some shots with ammunition that he brought from the Base in Spanish lands and from the Olympic Games. The best Cuban shooter of all times ensures that with those bullets he will be there for the next two weeks until October 12th when he travels to Las Gaibas, Spain in order to continue the preparation.

Once there, he will seek to be in full form until the President's Cup begins in Poland, where Leuris was invited to join the list of the 12 best exponents of his specialty. At the moment the northeastern representative, with six participations in the Olympic Games, is located in the third place in the world ranking with 3,500 points, only preceded by the French Jean Quiquanpoix, monarch in the Japanese event with 6,250 points and by the German Christian Reitz, with 4 050.

The contest in Poland will be another excellent opportunity for Leuris Pupo to measure forces against his bitter rivals, while also setting the course for the Paris Olympiad in the summer of 2024.

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Ediciones Holguín commemorated on Saturday its 35th anniversary

Last Saturday, with a poetry reading and recognition for its sustained work, Ediciones Holguín celebrated in this city its 35th anniversary, a distinguished hallmark in the Cuban cultural sphere for the scope and quality of its literary proposals.

From the courtyard of La Periquera Provincial Museum, and complying with the sanitary measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19, several poets honored this important date from their work, including Delfín Prats Pupo, Lourdes González, Manuel García Verdecia, Luis Yuseff , Gilberto González Seik, Kenia Leyva, José Luis Serrano and José Poveda.

The Provincial Center of Book and Literature and the Directorate of Culture in the territory recognized in a special way the work carried out by the publishing house and its director, the writer Lourdes González, for more than three decades in the publication and promotion of Cuban and universal authors.

Since June, the Holguín label has deployed a wide digital program that includes the presentation of editorial news, readings and panels, on the occasion of its anniversary.

These actions are part of the “Al pie de la letra” campaign, which commemorates this celebration and has among its purposes the promotional presentations of writers and works of most recent catalog, of others published in previous years, as well as clubs and fixed spaces online, said writer and editor Kenia Leyva.

Under the motto "Readings to combat the heat in the family" recitals, launches, panels, talks, among other activities, are shared through the media and social networks.

From the publisher's Facebook page, in streaming or through promotional capsules, the reader can get closer to the news of a label that has more than 700 titles in its catalog, many of them by important authors of universal and Cuban literature, Kenya explained.

Among the novelties are “Separados del mundo. Selección de poesía de amor latinoamericana”, compiled by the poet and editor José Luis Serrano, which, according to Kenia Leyva, will be enjoyed not only by adolescents and young people, but also by all age groups, because this is a country who appreciates good love poetry.

It also highlights "El detective de la Continental", by Dashiell Hammett, with translation by Aida Bahr; "Los papeles del poeta", a short novel by Henry James, translated into Spanish by Manuel García Verdecia; "Ella escribía poscrítica", by Margarita Mateo, National Prize for Literature; “Cuentos destornillados”, by Niurki Pérez García from Camagüey, and “El mundo kenoseve,” by Ronel González, both for children.

In one of the promotional texts regarding the date, the writer José Luis García stated that Ediciones Holguín since its inception has unquestionably contributed to the city of Holguín as a point of reference within the literary work of the island.

The history of the center began linked to the publication of the best texts by Holguín authors, including the City Awards and other competitions organized in the province, to gradually broaden its sights towards the best that is produced nationally and internationally in all genres; José Luis García also highlighted, the Alejo Carpentier Prize winner.

Among the authors published by this Holguín label are Paul Celan, Alejandra Pizarnik, Sylvia Plath, Eugenio Montale, Harold Hart Crane, Virginia Woolf, Fina García Marruz, Roberto Fernández Retamar, Antón Arrufat, Reynaldo González and Miguel Barnet.