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Palmares in Holguín joins the payment through the EnZona platform

The Palmares Extra-hotel Company Branch in Holguín extends payment to its 49 commercial units distributed throughout the province through the EnZona platform, a Cuban digital space created in 2019 by XETID that allows various financial operations to be carried out.

Inés María Ambrosio Marrero, commercial specialist, asserted that at the end of the previous week the first tests of this type of electronic commerce were successfully executed at El Ancla Restaurant, El Bulevar Cafeteria and El Solecito Sweet Shop, located at Guardalavaca beach resort.

This option is viable for clients because they do not need to bring as much cash for their expenses, and, in turn, they benefit from discount bonuses offered by Cuban banks from payment with their respective magnetic cards, explained the specialist.

It also facilitates, she added, the money manipulation process, since receiving fewer physical payments contributes to reducing the chances of contagion of COVID-19 and this increases security within Palmares establishments in this eastern territory.

The Holguín branch is also included in the negotiation process with the Telecommunications company ETECSA to incorporate this service to the Transfermóvil site, as a way to get closer to customers who are more familiar with this application.

Due to restrictions of recreation services in the main municipality, decreed in the autochthonous transmission phase, sales are concentrated in the take-away mode, while in the rest of the territories the offer is maintained at the table, but with half capacity.

Palmares in Holguín has 49 facilities, most of which are located in the provincial capital and the tourist hub of Guardalavaca, and its services have been extended to both the national and foreign markets, through various activities in the gastronomic and recreational fields.

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Scientific research is stimulated by meteorological center in Holguín

In 2021, the provincial meteorological center in Holguín encourages scientific studies in areas such as food production and environmental protection, among the main priorities of the science sector in the midst of economic and social transformations in Cuba.

In addition to these issues are the confrontation with climate change, precision in weather forecast models, digital government, agrometeorology and other topics of impact on agriculture, demography and the prevention of natural disasters.

Elisa Beatriz Cruz, specialist of that institution, specified that among the studies stand out: "Projection of coastal floods in the Cuban archipelago" and "Climatic characterization of the mountainous provinces of the eastern region of the Caribbean island".

In these projections, she stressed that the topics include "Development of the interoperability of electronic government and the quality of public services" and "Verification of weather forecasts", inserted within the strategy of science and technological innovation.

The specialist indicated that these studies have a positive impact on the socioeconomic development of the province, fundamentally in the improvement of scientific-technical services of the entity, located in the historic center of the eastern city.

She stressed that the application of the programs also extends to the civil defense evacuation systems, the computerization programs of society and the application of new technologies, as part of the closing of the investigation cycle.

The Holguín provincial meteorological center also participates in productive chains for obtaining energy, sugar cane, environmental impact assessment, defense and industrial development, through integration with the Cubaníquel Business Group, the University, the provincial Delegation of Agriculture and the Ministry of Tourism, among other organizations.

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Cuban Foreign Minister denounces mention of alleged microwave attacks in Cuba

It is surprising that a high-level official of the United States (USA) government makes mention of the legend about microwave attacks against American diplomats in Havana; Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla denounced in Twitter today.

The Cuban foreign minister assured that it is a nonsense already disqualified by science, and questioned whether it was ignorance or manipulation.

“It is surprising that a high-level official of the US government makes mention of the legend about “microwave attacks” against American diplomats in Havana, a nonsense that has already been disqualified by science. Could it be ignorance or manipulation?” Rodríguez-Parrilla tweeted.

The statements of the Cuban diplomat respond to the words of the main director of the National Security Council for the Western Hemisphere of the US government, Juan González, who, in a recent interview with the US media CNN, mentioned the presumed attacks by microwaves that allegedly affected diplomats of that nation on the island.

According to González, the position of the Joe Biden government towards Cuba is not that of Obama, and pointed out that so far the United States has not fulfilled the commitment of 20 thousand annual visas for Cubans, because first they had to ensure that the personnel from that country at the embassy in Havana are safe and are not in danger of an alleged microwave attack.

In this regard, the US Deputy Director General of the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MINREX), Johana Tablada, highlighted on Twitter that the US government knows very well that diplomats and any foreign visitor are safe in Cuba.

They know that there were no attacks but there was a repugnant and harmful manipulation for relations between both peoples, governments and families, the Cuban official denounced.

In another communication on that social network, Tablada highlighted that the US returns to the lightness, superficiality and irresponsibility of the Trump administration, when speaking of theories without evidence.

“Supposedly, their diplomats would treat Health reports seriously because they are a priority issue for the new #United States govt. However, it returns to lightness, superficiality and irresponsibility #Trump when speaking of theories without evidence. Neither was #Cuba cooperation accepted", wrote the island's diplomat.

A recently declassified US State Department secret report noted that the dismantling of the US embassy in Havana in early 2018, in reaction to alleged sonic attacks on diplomatic personnel, was a political response riddled with mismanagement, lack of coordination and non-compliance with procedures.

The internal document also indicated that it was not known what happened or why, or who did it; however, it was used as a justification for reducing more than 60 percent of the diplomatic staff and closing the US consulate.